A personalized, therapeutic, immersive coaching experience designed to find resolution once and for all, and create a fresh start.

You've been having the same argument for years, seen therapist after therapist and somehow the angst persists. It's as if conflict is woven into the fabric of the relationship. If you met today, you likely wouldn't choose each other, but you don't want to walk away because you feel the history and see the potential.

Or maybe you seldom fight, and many parts of your relationship work well, but the spark is gone and you feel more like friends than lovers. 

Or perhaps you are dealing with desire discrepancy—entrenched in a pattern of request, rejection, resentment. You're not having sex and you don't know how to talk about it.

Whether you've been together for a year, a decade, or a lifetime, Zoë Kors can help.

“Our intensive with Zoë Kors was life changing. We had no idea we could make so much progress so quickly. We struggled for years to overcome the enduring damage from childhood trauma. We both felt so seen and heard by Zoë. She has a way of soothing, normalizing, validating, and bridging the chasm that had grown between us. If you're ready to create the love you dream of, book this magical experience now.” 

Sage G. and Martha F.

The Benefits

Long-term weekly therapy or coaching sessions is an effective way to work with individual and relational dynamics and overcome what stands in the way of a healthy and thriving partnership. The intensive format has unique benefits that have proven to be highly effective in creating a powerful paradigm shift. Think of it like upgrading your operating system. 

  1. Deep Connection: Stepping out of the context of daily life, we create a sanctuary in which to hold the vulnerability of deep work. The luxury of time and space cultivates intimacy, empathy, awareness, and repair.

  2. Sacred Commitment: By embracing this level of work, you are symbolically reaffirming your commitment to one another and to your shared journey. This act alone can be profoundly transformative.

  3. Embodied Change: The cocoon of the intensive provides an opportunity to embrace multiple modalities beyond "talk therapy." These might include somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, ancestral work, internal family systems, parts work, meditation, breathwork, co-active coaching, and more. 

  4. Immediate Impact: While it takes ongoing commitment to incorporate new habits and practices, having an immediate felt sense of relief and repair provides needed inspiration and motivation to continue to embody new skills and perspectives. 

  5. Continuous Emotional Embrace: Back-to-back therapeutic exercises, couples continually nurture and rebuild their bond, solidifying their commitment to a shared future.

  6. Prioritizing Coupleship: It's not just about efficiency but cherishing the uninterrupted time to nurture love and understanding, especially when we are typically pulled in many directions by a multitude of responsibilities.

  7. Loving Care and Facilitation: Zoë’s continuous care throughout the intensive, not just as a mediator but as a compassionate witness to the couple's journey, offering insight and holding space for their shared and individual stories.

“We can meet each other only to the extent that we can meet ourselves.” 

Zoë Kors
Radical Intimacy: Cultivate the Deeply Connected Relationships You Desire and Deserve

The Approach


Rooted in traditions of evidence-based psychotherapy, self-development, and trauma training, Zoë brings a long history and great respect for the work of clinicians who've formed the foundation of our understanding of mental health and emotional wellness. Zoë artfully weaves a tapestry of techniques, perspective, and wisdom of the masters of psychology. 


As a certified sexologist, intimacy is Zoë’s wheelhouse. No aspect of relating is as fraught with shame and conflict than sex...and we are conditioned systematically not to talk about it. What’s happening inside the bedroom is a reflection of what’s happening outside, and vice versa. Zoë integrates this piece of your puzzle into the whole of the work with compassion and skill.  


In an entirely non-denominational way, spirituality can provide a powerful context for our partnerships. Whether it’s practices like mindfulness, meditation, ritual, or the structures of more traditional disciplines, Zoë explores existential concepts and perspectives as valuable components of compassion, connection, transformation and purposeful union.

The Structure

Each intensive is customized to meet you where you are and address the specific challenges you face as couple. 


4—60-minute Remote Sessions (2 for each partner)
2—90-minute Remote Sessions (for the couple)
1—3-day In-person Intensive


4—60-minute Remote Sessions (2 for each partner)
4—90-minute Remote Sessions (for the couple)
1—5-day In-person Intensive 

6—60-minute Remote Sessions (3 for each partner)
4—90-minute Remote Sessions (for the couple)
1—1-week In-person Intensive

For the in-person sessions, Zoë can come to you, you can come to her, or you can meet somewhere fabulous—like an adventurous or luxurious transformational retreat. 

About Zoë

Zoë Kors is a sought-after thought leader of intimacy and sexuality. Her book, Radical Intimacy: Cultivate the Deeply Connected Relationships You Desire and Deserve (Hachette, 2022) is available wherever you buy books. She is the resident sex and intimacy coach and contributor at sexual wellness app Coral and host of The Radical Intimacy Podcast, and co-host of Sex Advice For Seniors Podcast. Zoë is the former Senior Editor and Creative Director of LA Yoga Magazine and has appeared in The Washington Post, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Well+Good, Bustle, and many other publications. 

Zoë holds a BA in Art History from University of Pennsylvania. She is a certified sexologist, recognized by the American Board of Sexology, as well as a certified integrative somatic trauma therapist, certified co-active coach, and certified death doula. Her training also includes dozens of programs and courses in sexuality and spirituality. Zoë is initiated in the Sri Vidya tantra lineage. Her work reflects her extensive study of Tantra, Zen Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, and other Eastern disciplines, which she integrates with more process-oriented modalities of Western psychology and evidence-based coaching.

Zoë currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and dogs. She’s passionate about many things, the daily ritual of French press coffee, the New York Times, and attending L.A. Galaxy games top the list.

“We spent four years on the verge of divorce. After many therapists, healers, programs, workshops, and a couple of separations, we couldn't either come together or let go. We were utterly stuck. Until Zoë.

Zoë Kors is a therapist, coach, teacher, and friend. She manages to make sense of the madness, cut through the conflict, and facilitate deep repair and healing.” 

Jade and Michael M.

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