6 Ways to Have Radically Intimate Sex
Plus: A Practice Guide to Tantric Partner Meditation

We’ve seen it in the movies. We’ve read about it in books. We have lived it over and over in our fantasies. I’m talking about the kind of sex that bends time and expands space as you and your lover dive into each other, swimming through veins till you find the tender, pristine places no one has ever touched.

While we long for this kind of sex, few of us have found it. In this mini e-book, I describe six simple practices to cultivate radical intimacy and ignite passion.


This book is for women, and men who love women, who want to explore the healing power of pleasure. The vast majority of women have been taught that our bodies, desire, and behavior should be crafted for the consumption of others. We have a running self-critical monologue by which we judge ourselves and our worth. We get caught up in who we think our partners want us to be, while secretly craving to be adored wholly for who we are authentically. When we worship a woman’s body, we offer her the gift of receiving our love and adoration, and begin to unwind the knot of shame she holds in the wake of a lifetime of being told how she should look, smell, taste, feel, and behave.


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